Browse events

You can check out different fun events posted by other members. Filter them by time and location as you wish.

Easy to join fun events

Once you found your ideal events, just one simple click to apply to join with other members who share the same interests with you.

Host events

Inseatd of joining events posted by others, you can also create your own one! If you know a night club that rocks, enroll more funny people to explore it together.

What NightHub Offers

NightHub app provides an easy way for people who share the same interests to play together.

Easy enrollment

You can get your account done within seconds.

Checking out events

Chekcing out all the fun evnets posted by others without limitation.

Post at ease

Whenever you have an awesome idea, create your own event so people can join and double the fun.

Group chat

You can group chat with others who take part in the same event to share all the joy.

Get toghter

It would be much more exciting to have a group of people who share the same interests to hang out together.

IOS & android version

The ios version is ready for sale. We are working on the android version. It will be comming soon.

Free Download Now

Join us on fun events near you and cheer up with a bounch of people who share the same interests with you!

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